WAITE PARK -- The iconic 'smiley' water tower in Waite Park will soon be saying goodbye to residents.

During Monday's city council meeting, the council approved to repaint the water tower with their new logo.

Mayor Rick Miller says 'smiley' has served it's purpose for the city, but it's time for a change in Waite Park.

Last year the city rebranded their tagline from “a city with a smile” to “where Minnesota connects,” as well as incorporate a new logo.

To repaint the exterior and interior of the water tower will cost over $714,000. Work is expected to begin this summer with completion in July.

'Smiley' has served as Waite Park's logo since 1970.

Proposed Waite Park Water Tower (Photo: SEH)
Proposed Waite Park Water Tower (Photo: SEH)


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