ST. CLOUD -- As you wrap up your holiday shopping, days before Christmas, let the volunteers at the Tri-County Humane Society put the final bow on top.

The organization has partnered with Crossroads Center for years as part of their annual gift wrapping fundraiser. Volunteer and Event Coordinator Kate Kompas says the event truly has become a tradition.

So this is a great partnership with Crossroads Center and it's a tradition for a lot of volunteers. Families do this together, service groups do this together, students do this together.

No matter what size of gift or where it comes from, the helping hands of many volunteers are happy to put the finishing touches on your special Christmas gift.

You bring your presents over, we do have some suggested donations as it is a donation. We ask for $2 for a small gift, $6 for a large gift, and some people do give more which is awesome.

The gift wrapping station stands right outside of Target and all the proceeds go back to the animals at the shelter.

At any given time we have 100 to 150 animals in the shelter, that's not counting the hundreds in foster care that will eventually be ready for homes.

The Tri-County Humane Society will continue to wrap presents everyday the mall is open until Christmas Eve night and no appointments are necessary.