ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota House has approved a constitutional amendment to dedicate some sales tax revenue to transportation. It is an idea the Republican State Representative Jeff Howe of Rockville has been working on for three legislative sessions now. He says it would put about $300 million a year in additional money into roads and bridges.

However, opponents say it will take away from other important programs like health and education. Howe argues improving safety on our roads directly ties to education.

The semi came off Highway 23 where it was four lanes down to a two-lane.  There happened to be a school bus sitting there waiting for a kid that was coming down the driveway and that semi went between the school bus and the child.  Education is important but you've got to get the kids to the schools.

While the bill passed in the House Thursday, the Senate is not expected to vote on it before the session ends on Sunday night. Howe says he'll be pushing hard to get his colleagues in the Senate to reconsider.

What happens down here all happens by relationships.  I have built in the Senate.  I will talk to the Senate leadership.  There will be a push to get this thing heard in the Senate.

The bill would put the amendment question on the November ballot for the voters to decide the issue.