ST. CLOUD -- The group HIKEhoppers is trying to get kids to put down their screens and get into the outdoors, all while learning along the way.

To that end, they've edited an event they've done before, this time with kids in mind. HIKE&Read: Littles Edition is in partnership with the Stearns History Museum. The first event is Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m.

Stef Rothstein is one of the lead educators for HIKE&Read. She says it's not just about a hike in the woods, they try to teach kids both practical and life lessons.

"We integrate natural learning into the event. Whether it's learning about the environment or how to take healthy risks, asking the right questions and expand on curiosity. Each of those things is placed into the experience as a whole."

We're in for a cold weekend, and HIKEhoppers has that in mind. Rothstein says they're going to do their best to bring the outdoors inside so kids can still have fun and learn.

"We're bringing snow in and we'll do some exploration with snow. We'll have colored squirt bottles that the kids can do some artistic designing with, we're also going to take a look at different textures of different things found in nature."

Besides the teaching, they'll have a story read by a HIKEhopper team member, snacks and a book for your child to bring home. They do ask you register, and the cost for each HIKE&Read is $15 for a guardian and the first child, then $5 per person after that.

The group is also planning a couple of big events for the rest of the year. One is a 10 day trip to Thailand, the other is a month long event starting next month called Park Blast, which is a scavenger hunt where kids can win prizes hiking through parks.

If you can't make it this weekend, the next HIKE&Read events are February 23rd and March 23rd.

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