ST. CLOUD -- A homeopathic trend is emerging in the St. Cloud metro area.

Several businesses such as GNC and Mr. Nice Guys are now offering CBD hemp or cannabis oil. But now St. Cloud has a shop that specializes specifically in the natural medicine, CBD of St. Cloud.

The store is in the Midtown Square Mall, next door to the Hop Shop. Owner Marie Schneider says the oils are free of THC (the psychoactive constituent of cannabis) and are completely legal.

"We have water solubles, that's our main product that we do sell. That is just the concentrated CBD oil that you can put in water, tea, coffee, anything that you drink."

Schneider says the oils are used for multiple purposes.

"It helps with pain, it helps with inflammation, it helps with cancer. We have people come in for insomnia, ADHD, anxiety, a lot of people come in here for anxiety."

All ages are coming in for the CBD oil. Schneider says her background as a registered nurse has inspired her to try to bridge the gap between western medicine and natural medicine.

"I've been praying for a long time to find a way to help people naturally because what we are doing, it's not working because if it were I wouldn't be so busy, the hospital wouldn't be so full. I think there is a different way we can take care of our bodies without filling it full of prescription medications."

Schneider says if you try Googling CDB side effects, you can't find anything negative.

Other than the oil, CBD of St. Cloud does offer other products such as lotions, gummies, dog treats, vaporizer pens, bar soap, coffee, tea, chocolate, pain cream, soft gels, vape juice and more.

The business is also hiring if you're interested in applying stop by the store. CBD of St. Cloud is open Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. and is closed on Sunday.

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