When I look at the picture above, I'd like to compare it to the picture that I probably could have taken a year ago.  There would have been at least two bags of chips in the mix, sugary cereals, pre packaged cookie mixes, baby back ribs, and steaks, and SUGAR...I mean REAL sugar. In studying and learning about a healthier lifestyle, and it really takes awhile for your body to get rid of the sugars it craves that come from all the pre-packaged foods we eat.  Since starting my healthier lifestyle, I've lost 7 pounds so far in the past three weeks. Here's what I've done:


Get the App:  LOSE IT!


What this did for me:  I put in my actual weight.  Yes.  I finally had to face it.  It asked me what I would like to weight  "Ideally".  I entered that amount.  It then asked me how much weight I would like to loose each week.  I set it at a realistic 2 pounds.  Once I set this, It took information like my age, gender, height, and gave me a calorie count to stay within. Even though I was trying to stay within 1400 calories, most of the time, I didn't.  BUT...I did stay below 2000....and I DID still loose weight...and I'm still loosing.  Sometimes I stay within my calorie count.  The main thing I learned from this exercise, is that I was eating way too much of the wrong things, and it wasn't satisfying my real hunger, because the calories were empty.


Eat More, Not LESS!


When you start studying nutrition, if you will PREPARE YOUR FOODS, you can eat MORE food, if you choose healthier options.   Mostly vegetables, and meats like ground turkey, and baked chicken or Salmon, are some of my favorites now.  I try to stay away from pork, pre packaged foods, and hotdogs.  My downfall still:  Frozen Tostino's Pizzas.  I still love these little things...but all in moderation!


Use The Right Oils


The only oils I use:

  • Coconut Oil- For baking and frying- YES~  It contains saturated fats, but we need saturated fats. The key is to use saturated fats from original sources, instead of modified versions. NO CANOLA.
  • Olive oil- Only for vinegarettes and sandwiches.  I used to fry fish in this..but it doesn't break down properly.  Use Coconut oil for baking and frying.
  • Real Butter-  Yes.  REAL butter.




Okay.   You don't want to give it up.  I get it. But it's killing us.  Bottom line.  It's addictive and cruel.  To break the sugar habit, I ordered a good Probiotic from Whole foods online, and take one a day to balance out the good and bad bacteria in my body.  I can tell you...WOW...does it help with that sugar craving feeling.


I'm still learning and loosing weight.  I'll keep you posted on my progress. Let's make this a healthier year.