Once a week, Dr. Evan Eigen from Maximized Living -  Legacy Chiropractic brings you tips to take your health to the next level.

This week, Dr. Eigen talked about the dangers of refined sugars, artificial sweeteners and healthy alternatives..

Listen to the podcast below for the Health Tips-

About Dr. Eigen

Dr. Eigen

After earning his doctorate in Minneapolis, he trained in some of the largest health centers across the nation and has worked with some of the top doctors in the world.  Dr. Eigen is the only 5 Essentials Certified doctor in the St. Cloud area, and globally he is in the 3% of chiropractors certified in spinal correction.

Beyond his certification in spinal correction, nutrition, exercise & detoxification, Dr. Evan loves spending time with his wife, Maureen, and their daughter, Evelyn. He is also an avid outdoors-man, and loves fishing & hunting alongside their dog, Tessa.