This month on WJON's "Get a Job" segment I talked with Talent Director Gail Cruikshank from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  Gail and I talked about tools that JobSpot has to help people secure your next career. has community portals to support job searches, 7,000 jobs with 6,000 of them full-time positions.  They also have 185 internships.  Cruikshank says their website is free and allows for users to learn more about the employers in our area.  Listen to our conversation below.


The pandemic has many things about how we do business and could cause some permanent changes.  Those changes include working remotely exclusively or working in a hybrid model.  Gail says the working remote options allows for both employers and job seekers to look for jobs outside of the area that they live.

We discussed resume and cover letter building.  Gail suggests customizing resumes and cover letters for the job you are seeking and not to just send out the same resume to 10 different employers.  She says they have information on how to build a resume and how to site your transferrable skills.  Cruikshank says transferrable skills are the skills you have that work well in almost any job.  She also says have all the qualifications asked for by an employer many not be necessary to get that job.

Job seekers are encouraged to take a look at the educational opportunities, things to do, places to see and community and volunteer opportunities.

Learn more about jobs in the area at

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