ST. CLOUD - With a unique design and a history of ghost stories, the Riverview Building is perhaps the most fascinating building on the campus of St. Cloud State University.

Historian and former SCSU professor Bill Morgan says Riverview was built in 1913 and was originally used as a teachers school for several decades.

"Teachers trained students who were going out in the world and become teachers," Morgan says.

Riverview features an old-fashion Georgian Revival style that’s stood the test of time. The yellow bricks also hold historical significance for the St. Cloud area.

"Yello brick is a very important local St. Cloud material, between 1856 and 1934 yellow brick making was a big deal in St. Cloud and it's unique to the area," Morgan says.


Morgan adds that students love Riverview for its ghost stories. There have been multiple reports of hauntings in the building in its recent history.

"We have a story from what we call "The High Heeled Ghost", because it sounded like a woman walking the halls in high heels, someone working in the building heard the noise and went to look around and nobody was there....Ten years later almost to the 10:45 p.m. a custodian heard steps and saw the front door open...and noone was there," Morgan says

Haunted or not, Riverview is a historical icon on the St. Cloud State campus. The building recently underwent a $6.2 million renovation in 2009 and is the only campus building on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today Riverview is used for classes and the Department of Communication Studies.


Photo from the St. Cloud State University Archives
Photo from the St. Cloud State University Archives

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