We've got an update on our Peregrine falcons.  There are now FOUR eggs in the nest!  I was briefly just checking in on the nest this morning around 8 am, and one of the Falcons was just sitting on the nest; so I looked back to just before the sun rose; and apparently, Acadia has a mate now. I don't know if it was Acadia that was sitting on the eggs, or if it was her mate, but one flew back into the nest, and as they were switching duties, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw there were four eggs in the nest. How exciting.

Acadia, the mother of these four eggs, was banded back in 2013 and has been on the property since 2016. It's my understanding that her eggs are at the Sentinel Properties Building, Formerly Bremer Bank.

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The DNR doesn't know who the male is, or if he is banded; however, there seems to be a dispute about territory with the males in the area. This could be the reason there are dead prey items on the deck of the nest that the female hasn't touched.  It appears that they are dead pigeons but no one is sure.

According to the site, Acadia's eggs are not yet in the incubation stage.


Watching the bird cams in our state really gives you a true picture of the struggle that our wildlife goes through on a daily basis. Some of it is hard to watch. I hope that these eggs hatch and that we have a successful season for Acadia, but as we learned by watching the devastating fall of the nest on the EagleCam a couple of weeks ago, there are just no guarantees out there.  You can watch the FalconCam LIVE by clicking HERE, and go back up to four hours to see what's been happening each day.


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