ST. CLOUD -- How is the plan going to rename a building on the St. Cloud State University campus? In another installment of our follow-up series "Whatever Happened With That?" we get an update on that effort.

SCSU professor Christopher Lehman says he heard from school administration this week that Chancellor Devinder Malhotra has approved the renaming of the 51 Building to "Ruby Cora Webster Hall".

He says SCSU will now work on signage and on planning a ceremony for the fall, during the school's 150th anniversary year.

We first told you about Lehman's effort to rename the building back in September. It will be the first building at St. Cloud State named after a person of color. Webster graduated from the St. Cloud Normal School with a one-year degree in 1909.

The school's policy first had to be addressed before the name change could be considered, up until now the university only had a policy for naming buildings and spaces on campus if it was connected to a donation, but not one for non-donor related requests.

The 51 Building houses three departments: English, Ethnic and Women's Studies, and Political Science.

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