According to the Minnesota Department of Health, this year's flu outbreak promises to be one of the worst not just for Minnesota, but for the entire country. In the last reporting period (Dec. 23-29th, 2012) 226 people were hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza, and since the start of the influenza season, 578 have been hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza. The key word here is hospitalized. Who knows how many more folks are walking around hacking the virus in your air-space that haven't been to the doctor.

If you're like me, you're probably sick of seeing your friends complaining that they're sick on Facebook (see what we did right there?) and if you're a hypochondriac, it probably creeps you out just seeing it on the screen. Well, the friendly folks at Help Remedies think that you should be able call out the disease vector that gave you the flu by using their new Facebook app called Help, I Have The Flu.

This humorous little app not only helps you figure out who got you the creeping crud, it also lets you send them a 'Thank You' note. The app scours your Facebook Friends' statuses for words like sneezing, coughing and achy and then determines which of your 'friends' is the mucusy culprit. It also takes special care to look late at night, since your sleep-deprived compadres that are skulking Facebook in the wee hours are most likely to catch the bug.