WAITE PARK -- With continued growth and lack of space Executive Express is looking for their new home.

The airport shuttle service is in the early stages of opening a new headquarters and maintenance center on a 15 acre lot in Waite Park. Owner Larry Logeman says the property is perfect for their needs now and in the future.

“That's the beautiful part of this it may not be the perfect location or what we dreamed of at one point, but the beauty of this is I'm not going to get myself landlocked again," says Logeman.

The potential site was the former home of S.J. Louis Construction and has been sitting vacant for years. Logeman says they have several ideas how to renovate the property.

“There is enough land I could add a second 15,000 square-foot maintenance facility for our vehicles, we could double the size of our parking lot for our customers to leave their cars there, we're going to make a customer lounge that is comfortable before people head to the airport," say Logeman.

Logeman estimates the total cost for the renovations and purchase price to be around $3.5-million. He hopes to acquire some TIF funds from Waite Park for the project.

“We are in that process right now. It's a very lengthy application and once the city gets the application it takes 90 days before they make a decision on that. So we are in a waiting game," says Logeman.

Earlier this month the Waite Park Planning commission approved the preliminary and final plat for the property. It will be brought for approval by the council during Tuesday’s meeting.

Logeman says if all goes as planned he hopes to open the new facility by the end of 2017.

Proposed Maintenance Facility (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)