Today on WJON's Get a Job segment with Gail Cruikshank (Talent Director, from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation) and Nick Tietz (Founder and CEO of ILT Studios).  Our topic of discussion was entrepreneurship.  Gail says anyone can be an entrepreneur and both Nick and her and help.  Nick says anyone regardless of age with an idea that needs guidance with start up should contact them.  He says they have a ILT Academy which is a high school program for those in high school looking to become an entrepreneur.  Listen to our conversation below.


The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation is there to help people wanting to advance and grow with business startups and entrepreneurship.  Gail says the goal is to help those with ideas that could use some support and guidance.  She also wants to encourage people to keep those ideas in the community.  She says their hypothesis is that when you rally around people and they feel valued, they tend to work harder and take more pride in what they are doing.

If you'd like to learn more about classes offered from Nick by going to  Learn more about job opportunities and entrepreneurship with Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation at

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