WAITE PARK - It's not every day a Salvation Army volunteer bell ringer discovers a roll of 100 dollar bills in their red kettle - but that's exactly what happened on Monday right here in St. Cloud.

St. Cloud Salvation Army Major Lee Morrison says an anonymous donor dropped eleven-hundred dollars into the kettle outside of Mills Fleet Farm some time Monday morning.

"There were 11 of them all bundled together so we know one person put them in," Morrison said.

Morrison says that one individual is responsible for $1,100.00 gift

Other cities in Minnesota have made news headlines this season after the discovery of thousand dollar gifts, but Morrison says, to his knowledge, this is the first time such a donation has been made in our area.

Donation of this size never before found in St. Cloud Red Kettle

The St. Cloud Salvation Army is working toward a holiday fundraising goal of $220,000, and they're currently about $14,000 behind schedule. The Red Kettle Drive wraps up on Christmas Eve.