ROCKVILLE -- Two familiar names are running for mayor in the city of Rockville this fall.

Incumbent Duane Willenbring served 8 years on the council and was previously on the planning and zoning committee. He says his background in construction and realty makes him qualified to lead Rockville through some continued growing pains.

The core city, the Rockville Township, and the Pleasant Lake area, the 400 club area, those three entities all merged into one, so either we're blessed with land or we're cursed with land, whichever way you look at it, and I happen to think it is that we are blessed with land.

Because the city is located along the Highway 23 and Interstate 94 corridors, one of Willenbring’s biggest goals is to bring more businesses in to expand the tax base and create jobs.

Bill Becker, photo by's Sarah Mueller
Bill Becker, photo by's Sarah Mueller

Current city council member Bill Becker has been on and off the council for the last 15 years and says he thinks the city has become stagnant.

I'm for change, and some people have a hard time with change, but we've got to move forward. I'm one that likes to do that. I can't sit still, and I work a lot with people. If we get complaints I usually follow up with all our citizens so at least they know there's somebody listening to them.

He says his number one goal is to boost community engagement and bring a sense of unity to the over 30 square mile city that is also home to several lakes and parks.

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