ROCKVILLE -- Two incumbents and two newcomers are among the five candidates running for two open city council seats in Rockville.

Jerry Tippelt, photo by's Sarah Mueller

Current council member Jerry Tippelt is running for his second term. He says his biggest goal if reelected is bringing businesses to town to help level out the taxes.

We are one of the largest cities in the state area-wise. We're 36 square miles which leaves us with a heavy burden to maintain our roads. If you're under a city of 5,000 you get no gas tax money, no sales tax money from vehicles, you get no help from the state. We have to maintain our roads with our property taxes.

Tippelt says he is proud of several accomplishments over the last four years including adding Rockville mailing addresses, getting dust control for dirt roads paid for by the city, and adding a workshop prior to council meetings that allow residents to get responses from council members during open forum.

Don Simon, photo by's Sarah Mueller

Don Simon is also running for reelection. He says one of his main concerns as a council member is making sure the city runs efficiently.

We're starting I think to work on getting our roads and everything into shape. There's always that on-going city maintenance or any business you have to do. What's the main concern is that we try to keep it at a reasonable cost.

Simon says he would also like to see more businesses and residents move into town and more engagement from community members.

Frank Froehle, photo by's Sarah Mueller

Cold Spring native Frank Froehle is running for the very first time because he says he wants to make a positive change.

I want to try and make as much positive stuff as possible happen for most of the people. You can't please everybody, but you can try and do your part and get most of them.

Froehle is a self-employed carpenter and a member of the fire department. He says he would also like to see the city be more receptive to new businesses moving in.

Brian Stanger, photo by's Sarah Mueller

Brian Stanger is officially on the ballot for the first time this year, although he nearly got in as a write-in candidate two years ago. He says he wants to get the city’s finances back in check if elected.

I realize you know occasionally, sometimes you'll have to raise taxes, but you don't have to go ten, fifteen, twenty percent at a time.

Stanger’s other goals include increasing transparency and community engagement and getting more businesses into town.

WJON was unable to reach fifth candidate Alec Bublitz for an interview prior to the airing of this story.

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