April 22, 1954 - June 14, 2024


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Donald J. Salzer, age 70 of Jacob's Prairie died on Friday, June 14, 2024.
Don was born in Jacobs Prairie, MN. He was a third-generation farmer. Don was married to Joyce, the farmer’s daughter, for 49 years.

Don was a God-fearing, hard-working truck and combine driver, chugging down the road in his Kenworth and Harvester International. He drove a lot of miles running hard on little sleep, but combining was his first love and he did it, 24 hours a day almost every day from July to November, until he couldn’t anymore.

Don and Joyce had four children, Jeremy, Jake, Luke and Katie. He missed Jake immensely since August 26, 1998. Don was proud of the next generation of farmers, his grandsons Gavin, Jacob, and Roddy. He taught them to love combining and tractors as much as he and his sons did.

Don would say thank you to Luke for all you did for me, the many hours working alongside me and at the end, many days and nights trying to help me find peace. And to Luke and Jeremy for keeping the farm in the Salzer name.

A special thanks to the other two people he called his sons, Abraham Warnert, who was always there to fix and help when Don needed it. To Jason Jonas who has always been a part of our family being there for us through these hard times of Jake and Don. Boys, he loved you as his own.

Thank you to Kevin Wiesser for helping Don find peace, sharing stories and laughter from a long time ago. For teams driving with Don, sleeping in one bunk with toes to each other’s nose.

And to special guide Zontah, the great dane, who weighed more than he did, and kept him safe and warm.

Thank you to the oncology nurses of 5 North, especially Caleb for going above and beyond with care for Don. And to the hospice nurses, Angie and Laura, for not only caring for him, but also helping us understand.

Don, you are home by the Jake. As we watch the shooting stars, we will know that you and Jake are combining together again. And as the thunder rolls, we will know you are running hard as always. Gavin, Jacob, and Roddy will be giving you your last tractor ride as your pall bearers.

Don always did “thumbs up.” Come have a screwdriver or shot of peppermint schnapps-his drink of choice. One for the road Don, we will miss you.

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