WAITE PARK -- Several of the greatest medical minds from around the world are gathering at Rejuv Medical this weekend for the Regenerative Business Summit.

Rejuv Medical's Dr. Joel Baumgartner says the summit is a teaching tool to help other doctors learn the systems they are doing at Rejuv.

"Everyone here wants to learn what we know so they can take these ideas back home and teach their patients," says Baumgartner.

About 50 doctors from the United States, Canada, and Brazil will be attending this three day event.

Dr. Francisco Torres from Florida says he heard Baumgartner speak at a conference last year and knew he wanted to learn more.

"He talked about the business model they had and how he was changing the health care system and I was fascinated by what he presented," says Torres.

Throughout the weekend the doctors will listen to presentations from keynote speakers and attend breakout sessions to learn how to grow their business.

"The fact this many doctors showed up and wanted to change their practice shows there is an exciting change right now in medicine and how we can treat patients," says Baumgartner.

Torres says he is looking forward to the rest of the weekend and can't wait to bring the practices he learns back with him.

"I think the concept of medical wellness that he (Baumgartner) has introduced to me I was not aware and didn't know it could be done that way," says Torres.

The Regenerative Business Summit runs through Sunday.


Doctors from across the world learn new business techniques at Rejuv Medical this weekend. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)