ST. PAUL -- Starting next week, doctors, dentists and veterinarians can begin scheduling elective surgeries.

Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says this isn't a green light move for all health care providers to open right away, but instead strikes a balance to providing additional care.

With our success in moving the peak out, we were unwilling to say COVID was the only thing we could keep our eye on. We trust our providers and they will have to set some criteria in what they think they can do or not.

Governor Tim Walz says because Minnesota has made significant progress in building up the resources needed, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and clinics can resume many delayed procedures.

He says with this decision he understands there is a concern among nurses.

They are concerned that we do not over move to this and put them in the frontline now where they feel they don't have the proper protective care.

Walz says just like with businesses, health care providers need to have plans in place to provide a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors.

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