ST. CLOUD -- Your son or daughter's school bus may be a little more safe this fall.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety awarded more that $3.7-million to 42 schools and school bus companies to install stop arm cameras on school buses.

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Mike Hanson is the Office of Traffic Safety Director. He says the camera systems will be an additional and effective tool to help bus drivers and law enforcement find the violators.

The cameras will help keep kids safe, hold selfish or inattentive drivers accountable, and change dangerous driving choices.

In the past five years, law enforcement cited 4,652 divers for stop arm violations.

Locally, District 742 was awarded over $28,300 to install stop arm cameras on 21 buses. Pierz Public Schools received over $29,000 and Melrose Bus Service was also granted over $17,000 to also install school bus cameras.

This is Phase 2 of a project that is a joint effort with the Minnesota State Patrol and its school bus safety work.

Back in February, The Minnesota Department of Public Safety gave roughly $3.5-million to 32 schools and bus companies for this project.


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