ST. CLOUD - Students, teachers, and staff around Discovery Community School worked together to create a large, incredible set of wings.

The work of art was inspired by renowned street artist Kelsey Montague and art teacher Cassie Stephens. Montague is famous for creating large murals of wings that can be interacted with by people passing by.

Discovery art teacher Denise Buysse adopted that concept and thought it would be a great idea for everyone in the school to contribute to a large wing mural in one of the school hallways.

Buysse says around 500 different people helped make this artwork possible.

"We had our students including pre-schoolers.  We had our teachers and staff including our playground staff, our cooks, our custodians, behavioral support specialists. We went to everyone in the school and asked them to help us make this possible. All in all, it ended up being around 500 feathers."

Each person who helped was able to create a feather that contributed to wings. The collaborative artwork helped show everyone what they could accomplish together.

The "Learning Gives You Wings" mural was also made to show the students at Discovery the number of people who will help lift them up.

"This is a part of out school. Every feather here represents someone who is here supporting our students. Whether it is students supporting students, teachers or paraprofessionals supporting students, students are able to see that someone is here supporting them."

The mural will be in the hallway at Discovery through the rest of the school year.

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON
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