October 21, 1960 - February 13, 2024


attachment-Denise Burke

My dad, Jim's wife "Momma Dee," my second mom, passed away February 13, 2024 at approximately 10:30 p.m. Momma Dee was in hospice for only one day. The fight with bone cancer had been over a year long. The chemo became too much, Momma had been living in the hospital, had surgeries, was in the nursing home and not at all over the last year had she been home, the relentless cancer kept growing.

Momma Dee was always a joy, she had jokes, one liners and loved to talk about her and dad's adventures across the west to Idaho, the Midwest and down south to Arizona. Dee never complained, she maybe grumbled with the pain, but she always had a smile. Momma was always interested in how I was, and I would give her details of my days. I know she loved me very much. I was able to pray with Momma around lunch time and she talked and responded to me and dad well, but then looked off with a far off stare.

Momma knows the Bible well, Jesus is her Lord and Savior and she knows this is but a layover on our way to eternity. Until next time Momma...watch over us like you always have and drop in and let us know you're still with us. Love you.

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