The workforce is changing and many jobs are changing too.  Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Talent Director Gail Cruikshank joined me on WJON today.  She says the GSDC industry round table presented them with a number of takeaways.  Vex robotics continues to gain in popularity and has been a great education opportunity for kids.  Gail says jobs are still available in many industries but the job responsibilities have changed in some cases.


Gail says forecasting what the future workforce is is more than a guess.  She feels research and data indicates to them the way jobs will be going forward.  Colleges and Universities along with high schools are working to prepare their students for the future workforce.  Gail says employers continue to adjust how they are work with employees with many employees working remotely.  Gail says many jobs will continue to be remote and that creates some challenges for employers.  She says maintaining a relationship with employees can be tougher without the social aspect with people working in an office together.

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