Today I was joined by Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation Talent Director Gail Cruikshank on WJON.  We talked about how to "Nail the Interview".  The key points of concern are to 1) do your homework 2) practice 3) be professional and 4) follow up.  Listen to our conversation below.


Gail says it is important to do some research on the business you are applying for a job with and illustrate that homework while in the interview.  She says aligning your resume with the job you are applying for is very important too.  When it comes to practicing for the interview Gail recommends working with a friend or family member or use a mirror if you don't have a good option.  She says be specific with your answers and do not ramble.

It is always important to dress professionally for the first interview and maybe relax that if the job doesn't require that type of level of dress.  She says 71% of employers would not hire a person that missed the dress code.  She also says not to ever bad mouth a previous employer.

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