ST. CLOUD -- Discussions continue to take place on how to return Clark Field back to its former glory.

The city acquired the field from the St. Cloud School District earlier this year.

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A meeting was held Friday morning with St. Cloud Community Development Director Matt Glaesman and members of the Friends of Clark Field to talk about the future of the site.

Glaesman says before things can move forward, they need to identify the necessary improvements and costs associated.

That's where we are at. It's a la carte time, A through Z here are the things we can do, who can help pay for it. The mayor mentioned at the state of the city that we are still fully onboard, it's now the fun part in designing.

Glaesman says they are work with Miller Architects to come up with designs for new lighting and a turf field, as well as what to do about the bleachers and press box.

He says the city has had conversations about Cathedral schools using the site.

Not for their varsity events as we know the short comings of the property for varsity athletics. But for community athletics, junior high athletics and practices, the property certainly has a lot of value in that regard.

Glaesman says he does see a potential partnership with the school and possible fundraising efforts to help make improvements.

He says it's unlikely the park will be open to the public this summer, however they don't want to waste summer if certain improvements can be made now.

The group is expected to get together next month to have a better update on how to proceed with the park improvements.


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