COLD SPRING -- Cold Spring now knows what it will take to improve its town and community.

After a visit earlier this month from renowned community development specialist Deb Brown, the city can start making small improvements right away.

During Brown's four day visit she was able to talk with community members and business owners about what they would like to see in Cold Spring. A major part of her visit included a tour of the town. During her walk around she found that Cold Spring needs some help with its signage.

Jim Kraemer is the President of the Cold Spring Economic Development Authority. He says taking Brown's advice about sprucing up signs in town shouldn't be too difficult.

"She [Brown] did point out - there's one store in town that's right on the corner of Red River [Avenue] and Main Street and the sign hasn't been used for a long time. As a resident of Cold Spring, I guess I never really noticed it but she did. All it would take is a paint job to redo it and things would work just fine."

Other than refreshing business signs, Brown also suggested adding retail signage to light posts and other signage showing business districts on street light posts.

Adding graphics on empty storefront windows in town was also a suggestion. Kraemer says if the city does this, it could encourage a business to move into that location.

"There were some empty buildings that she [Brown] suggested putting some faces in the windows or whatever the building could be used for, some different things like that, to entice someone to rent the space."

Right now, Cold Spring has about 20 open business locations that are available to buy or rent.

Streetscaping, including adding murals, benches, flowers and trimming trees were also in Brown's report for improvements that can be made in the near future. You can watch Brown's full presentation by following the link below.

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