COLD SPRING - The Cold Spring city council approved buying two road signs to put on Highway 23 to remind motorists of the city noise ordinance.

The city has heard complaints from residents in the nearby 3rd Street South neighborhood regarding vehicle noise from the highway. Residents have also complained about noise from motorcycles and truck jake brakes.

Acting city administrator Kris Dockendorf says two signs will be sold to the city by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and will be placed on the east and west side of the highway.

The estimated cost for the signs is $883.80 a piece if they are installed  where the speed limit goes from 65 to 50 miles per hour. Dockendorf says the signs will cost slightly less if the city decides to put them closer to town where the speed limit lowers from 50 to 35 miles per hour.

Police Chief Chris Boucher says the road is lower than the homes, creating an echo effect that’s more noticeable when residents have their windows open.

“A sign should make people aware in that area and create more common courtesy,” Boucher says.

Boucher and public works director Paul Hoeschen will now work to find a specific place for the signs.