ST. CLOUD -- The city is moving forward with a plan to clean-up the site of the former Press Bar in downtown St. Cloud. During Monday's meeting, the city council will be asked to approve an agreement with the owners of the property, along with authorizing the use of funds to pay for the clean-up and approving placing a lien on the property to recover the city's costs.

The Press Bar and Parlor is owned by Horseshoe Club LLC and insured by Illinois Casualty. The insurance company is still conducting their investigation and have not decided as to whether there will be any coverage for the damage.

Horseshoe Club LLC has indicated that without insurance money they are financially unable to pay for the entire clean-up.

The complete clean-up will involve the removal of all debris and allow the owner of Cowboy Jack's to inspect and repair the adjoining wall.

The total anticipated costs are about $117,000.

Any costs incurred by the city would be placed as a lien on the property with payments made in up to five equal annual installments with interest at eight percent if the lien is not paid off sooner.

Back in May the city cleaned-up 5th Avenue and the sidewalk adjacent to the property.

On February 17 a fire destroyed the bar at 502 W. St. Germain Street. The owner, Andrew Welsh, has been arrested and is facing arson charges.

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