ST. CLOUD -- In honor of Memorial Day weekend, members of CentraCare's Veterans Employee Resource Group held a flag raising ceremony Thursday morning.

CentraCare says the flag has been an important part of the campus for decades.

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Tim Johnson is the Vice Chair of the Veterans Employee Resource Group. He says the group wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.

This wasn't a corporate decision, this was just a couple of employees coming together who wanted to do something to celebrate Memorial Day. We got the blessing from our leadership and they were very supportive in letting us do this.

Johnson says with CentraCare being such a diverse organization, these events are a great way to educate other employees about the different groups on campus.

We have these groups formed so people with different backgrounds can come together and have that sort of support group, but also to teach the rest of the organization about where we're from and what we are about.

This is one of several events planned throughout the weekend in honor of Memorial Day on Monday.

CentraCare Flag Raising Ceremony

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