CentraCare Spokesman Dr. George Morris joined me on WJON today.  He says as of Wednesday they do not have a Covid-19 patient in the ICU at St. Cloud Hospital.  He said they still have some positive Covid-19 patients in St. Cloud hospital at this time but none in the ICU.  He did express concern over the slight increase in positive cases in the Tri-County area.  He indicated that even though many of these positive cases haven't required hospitalization they still could.  Listen to our conversation below.


Dr. Morris and I talked about progress on vaccines.  He said the progress is encouraging with trials and he says a vaccine being available in January or February of 2021 is a possibility.  Morris says developers of the virus need to go through a series of tests to make sure the vaccine works and doesn't cause complications.

More and more businesses and cities are requiring face masks when entering public buildings.  Dr. Morris says research supports the benefits of wearing masks for both the person wearing them and those around them in regards to preventing the spread of the virus.  Morris says staying 6-feet apart, wearing a mask and staying home when sick can really help in the prevention of spreading the virus.

Schools throughout the country are making plans for the 2020-2021 school year.  Dr. Morris isn't sure students will go back to school for in-person learning right away but says if they do precautions will need to take place.  He reminds us that young people can still get the virus and transmit it to people who could have worse outcomes by contracting the virus.

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