ST. CLOUD - A billboard between Waite Park and St. Joseph claiming St. Cloud Catholic Charities is involved in refugee resettlement has been taken down.

The sign read "Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?"

Catholic Charities Executive Director Steve Bresnahan says they reached out to Franklin Outdoor Advertising on Tuesday to request that the sign be taken down. WJON went out looking for the sign Wednesday morning and it appears to have been removed.

"The billboard was implying that Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud does something that we don't do. We're not involved in refugee resettlement. Our role is if people are living in this community and need food or need a place to live, we help them. I'm very thankful they were responsive to take it down."

Bresnahan says the sign was just past Mills Fleet Farm on County Road 75 towards St. Joseph. A Catholic Charities employee first noticed the sign on Monday night.

"We don't view the Somali population as being 'Islamists' which is a very laden term. I have no idea who put the billboard up. I have no idea what they're thinking but we disagree with that way of typecasting folks as well," Bresnahan says.

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and Catholic Charities in Winona assist with resettlement for refugees, according to their websites.