ST. CLOUD - It doesn't feel like the Christmas season out there yet, but this week is the deadline to sign up for Catholic Charities' "Share the Spirit" program.

Spokeswoman Trina Dietz says they still need more people to "adopt a family" for Christmas.

We have about 20 more families left to adopt. So, if you've been thinking about doing this for a couple of years, this might be a good year to call your family up today and say, "hey what if we did this?".

Dietz says the program helps people who have fallen on hard times.

You can only participate in this program a maximum of three times. So it's not a situation where a family is being adopted year after year after year. This is considered an emergency program.

Dietz says donors are asked to spend at least $60 on gifts, and $10 on a grocery gift card, for each member of the family. Families range in size from two to eight people.