ST. CLOUD -- For an artist, a canvas can be practically anything. For the art club students at St. Cloud Cathedral, that canvas happens to be 3rd Street North.

The sidewalk chalk event has been an annual tradition for the past 10 years. Emma Skuza has participated in the event the last three years. She says it's fun to express yourself.

"I think it's just fun. You get to hang out with awesome people and I don't know too many friends that just draw on their sidewalks at home."

While the event usually has a theme, this year is all about freestyle work. Skuza says there is event a technique to making the chalk colors pop.

"If you soak the chalk it actually stays on the pavement better. When you do that the chalk then goes on more like paint and the picture becomes more vibrant."

Roughly 40 students created anything from small pictures to a large masterpiece. The art display took roughly two days to create.

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