BECKER (WJON News) - As the grass starts to green up, several improvements are expected to the Becker Park system.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Becker City Council approved several projects at the Becker Athletic Complex.

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Among the projects:

  • Concessions building door and hardware replacement.
  • Move the fence in on Field 3. Becker Youth Baseball has requested this so younger players will have a greater chance of hitting a home run and having that experience as a youth player.
  • Infield work on Field 4. Work will be done to remove the lips that have formed on the baselines, infield edges, and the edge of the outfield grass.
  • Safety netting installation. Becker Youth Baseball stated this is the main concern identified by the 2023 end-of-season surveys. The Parks and Recreation Committee agreed this is a necessary safety update needed at the BAC.
  • Adding a second set of batting cages south of Field 3.

The council expressed their gratitude to youth baseball for their willingness to work with the city on planning and will pay for some of the projects. The total cost is expected to be less than $60,000.

More Projects:

Becker City Council approved the purchase of a Can-Am Defender XT side-by-side ATV. City officials say after researching several different ATVs, the Defender had the carrying capacity and performance necessary to do the work at the best value. The city currently has two ATVs with a five-year expected lifespan. That 5-year lifespan is up this year, but city workers plan to continue to use one through 2026 to stagger the replacement costs of the machine.

The skate park at Kolbinger Park will be replaced. Officials believe the current equipment at the park is more than 30 years old. The plan calls for a “like-for-like” replacement, meaning the new equipment will be very similar to the current layout. The new equipment, the X-series from American Ramp Company, comes with a 20-year warranty.

All projects were approved by the council by a unanimous vote.



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