LITTLE FALLS -- You can check out the World's Largest Ice Carousel this weekend up in Little Falls.

The Annual Sunny Zwilling Memorial Ice Carousel Extravaganza, also known as I.C.E. Fest, is this Saturday and Sunday.

Event Organizer Chuck Zwilling says what began as a small family get together, quickly grew into community wide event for all ages.

Now it includes dog sledding, igloo building, snow shoeing, figure skating, hockey, curling, new this year is also log rolling, so there is just tons of activities.

This year's ice carousel will again be solar powered and large enough to break the family's existing record (current record is 749'/228 meters).

Zwilling says even with this being an outdoor event, they are making sure to follow all COVID-19 protocols.

The Morrison County Health Department has giving us our guidelines on what to do. We need to have a COVID preparedness play, stay six feet apart, wear a mask, so yes we are COVID compliant as I call it.

Zwilling says while its a free event, all money raised through donations or sponsorships this weekend will go to the Flyer Pride Pack program to help stomp out children's hunger.

The free two day event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both days at Green Prairie Fish Lake in Little Falls.

Since 2018, the Pay It Forward Foundation/I.C.E. Fest has donated over $36,000 to help feed hungry children.

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