ST. CLOUD - WJON's All-Star Student of the Week continues it's look into the St. Cloud Tech Nordic Ski Team. his week we’re featuring two-time section champion, Cory Rouw. He got his start in Nordic Skiing when he was very young.

Cory Rouw during Tech Nordic Ski practice at Riverside Park.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"My parents were into it, and so they would take me out to the local trails in Fergus Falls," says Rouw,  "and then hold me up by the scarf on my neck to keep me going. When I got into it in seventh grade I realized it was a lot of fun to go with a lot of people, so I stuck with it."

Rouw's favorite thing about Nordic Skiing is the team environment he experienced. He says it's a great community, and the fact he loves snow makes it even better.

After starting at a young age, Rouw is now one of the top Nordic Skiers in the area, having been to the state tournament three times.

"It’s really nice to go three years in a row. We didn't think we would make it this year. We thought we’d have to kind of make it individually, and hope we were good enough to do that, and so it’s just awesome to see that we can go again," says Rouw.

Nordic Skiing Head Coach Lance Beuning describes Rouw as an explosive skier, which is good becasue Rouw had high expectations heading into his senior year.

It was expected that he was going to win. He won two years ago as a sophomore, and last year his teammate, Isaac Weiber, took sections. Then this year it was kind of expected of him to come back, and win it. It’s nice to be the underdog, but this year he had the full weight of the expectations of winning sections the whole year so it was good to see him pull through, and do it again.

Cory Rouw skiing with teammate Isaac Wieber at Riverside Park in St. Cloud. (Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Even with the lack of snow this year Rouw says he had a great time skiing. The team would take trips to the cities, and even a trip out to West Yellowstone to practice their sport.

I guess it’s really cool to see how you start with something, you stay with it, and you put a lot of work into it, you can become anything you really want. ~Cory Rouw

Beuning says Nordic Skiing can be a challenge, especially when you’re learning at a young age like Rouw did.

"Right away when you’re learning it’s just kind of slow, meticulous, you just kind of have to put in the time to figure the balance points out," says Beuning.

Like his teammate, Rouw is hoping to continue his career in Nordic Skiing. He says his main goal is to ski as long as he can.

Last week we featured Rouw's teammate, Isaac Wieber, as the All-Star Student of the Week.

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