ST. CLOUD - With half a dozen classmates often admiring her creations in class, Cathedral High School junior Ramona Kuhn says she’s had an endless eagerness to create art her entire life.

Ramona Kuhn standing in front of some of her artwork. (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"I still have an ornament from kindergarten and I was very precise on where I put my glue. So I think it's always been with me, I've always enjoyed art."

Kuhn creates anything from unique wind chimes to sculptures. She's created so much art over the years that her father built shelves at home to hold her pieces. Kuhn says inspiration can strike her anytime.

"It can happen right before I fall asleep and I'll think 'oh my gosh-this is wonderful!' then I stay up later building it or rethinking it in my mind."

Art teacher Tony Keller says Kuhn is the best potter in Cathedral High School right now and is more than willing to try anything new in the art field.

"She's phenomenal at painting, drawing, pottery. Anything I ask her to do, she sets the bar. If I tell her to do a 10 on a scale of 1-10, she'll do a 15."

She also amazed others the last 4-5 years every summer with huge driveway chalk drawings (example below). The drawings are done by dipping the chalk in water and spreading it with a broom.

Kuhn says she loves nothing else more than seeing reactions to her art. She often gifts her creations to friends and family during special events and holidays.

"It's really nice because I don't have to spend much money," Kuhn says laughing, "So I save money and I do what I love and give it away."

Kuhn adds that while she has no official college plans right now, she hopes to continue in the art field once she finishes high school.


A giant American Flag Ramona drew with chalk. (Photo: Ramona Kuhn)