WILLMAR -- A Willmar attorney has pleaded guilty to fraudulent concealment of bankruptcy assets.

According to court documents, on November 3rd, 2015 63-year-old Gregory Anderson prepared and filed a bankruptcy petition for his client James Rothers.

When he filed the petition Anderson knew Rothers assets, wherever located, would become the property of a bankruptcy estate to be used to pay creditors.

Prior to filing the petition, Anderson created fake liabilities to create the appearance that Rothers was insolvent, when in fact, Rothers could have paid all of his creditors. Specifically, Anderson arranged to have a fake lawsuit filed against Rothers, and then told him to default in that lawsuit. Anderson also created documents that made it appear that an Iowa company had loaned $240,000 to Rothers and that he had an obligation to repay the loan.

Anderson plead guilty this week in which he agreed to be disbarred. A sentencing hearing has not been set.

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