It was super exciting to watch the Vikings beat the Washington Commanders in Sunday's game. Kirk Cousins has got to be thrilled with yesterday's win against the Commanders. It was a close game, as per usual the Vikings this year, getting that last touchdown in the 4th quarter, with only 12 seconds left on the clock for the Commanders to try to come back and take the game. It didn't happen.

Thus, the Vikings had a celebration flying back home to Minnesota. This is a great video of a shirtless Kirk Cousins partying with his teammates on the plane. I can tell you, I've never been on a plane that had a party like this.

Teammates are streaming Kirk, chanting, "You're the man!" and Da' Zarius Smith is seen dancing next to a shirtless Kirk Cousins; all smiles, a whole plane full of excited Vikings players having a great time.

There are several videos of Kirk on social media sites from all different angles, and he is wearing his teammates' chains around his neck; no shirt, and doing some pretty dirty dancin' moves if you ask me. He looks like he could be in Magic Mike. Maybe after he retires? I would probably pay to see that. (No...I haven't seen Magic Mike).

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