WAITE PARK -- As Waite Park officials begin to discuss their 2019 budget, they are also taking some time to dissect their Capital Improvement Plan.

The plan is reviewed on a yearly basis to make any updates that may need to be added. City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says Monday work session will focus around streets, future development and other impacts.

We'll look at any maintenance that needs to be done on any streets and alley's. We'll look at utilities and if they need to be extended out to other areas. We'll also look at potential areas where we see opportunities for redevelopment or future development to occur.

Johnson says they plan to follow up their discussion with a bus tour of the city in November. From there, the council will expand on their discussion during their budget work session.

We look out about 5-7 years on all of these topics and try to do our best to plan for those types of improvements over the years.

Once finalized, the Capital Improvement Plan will be considered for adoption by the council when the 2019 city budget is being considered in December.