WAITE PARK -- An icon in Waite Park city government has decided to walk away after 50-years of service.

Herman Bartz and his family have had a hand in helping to shape the city since the mid-1920s.

"From 1942 to 1999 either may dad or myself have been the public works director for the city of Waite Park," says Bartz.

Bartz began helping out his father who was the public works director from 1942-1963. In 1964 Bartz took over before retiring in 1999 and finally serving on the city council in 2001.

"The people they voted me in and I'm very grateful for that and I've had a great relationship with the council members we've had. It's been the best parts of my life," says Bartz.

Bartz has spent his whole life in Waite Park and says at 77-year-old deciding not to seek re-election for the city council seemed like the right thing to do.

"You won't see me do anything with the city other then be a spectator," says Bartz. "I think the city is being ran well today, it has been in the past and think I did my part putting Waite Park on the map."

He says it's been an honor to have worked in the city he has grown up in for the last 50-years and thanks all his family, council members and the city for all their support.

The city held a recognition party for Bartz before this evenings (Monday) city council meeting.

Bartz's work with the city will officially come to an end on January 1st.


Herman Bartz (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)