Tommy's Express Car Wash in St. Cloud is transforming into the Tunnel of Terror at the end of October. It's all the fun of a haunted house without having to leave the comfort of your car. Plus your car will be squeaky clean at the end of the experience.

For $20 per car, you can drive through the car wash that will be turned into the haunted attraction of your nightmares.

This special event will be taking place on October 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th, starting at 7 PM and going through 11 PM.

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The Tommy's Express Car Wash blog online shared this snipit from last year's Tunnel of Terror events:

I paid our admission to the stitched-up doll at the window, and it was finally time to roll up the windows and turn into the wash, now converted into a dark and smoky tunnel glowing with angry red lights and flashing on and off with strobes like lightning. The belts took over, and the water fell over the car, and from the rear seats, my children screamed as a drenched serial killer and two clowns appeared around the car, staring in, illuminated by the strobes until soap and brushes hid them from view.

Sounds super spooky! I personally can't wait to bring by car through this experience. It's going to feel like being part of a horror movie about a car wash. Check out more details on the Tunnel of Terror in Waite Park online here. 

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