The Minnesota Twins made their first splash of the offseason by signing four-time Gold Glove winning shortstop Andrelton Simmons to a one year contract. Previously, the Twins had signed veteran pitcher JA Happ to a one year deal as well.

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Twins Daily's Seth Stohs joined WJON's "Hang Up and Listen" to discuss the move. He says that not only does Simmons improve the team defensively, he also creates more flexibility for the entire infield.

Seth and Dave also discussed whether the Twins still need to address the pitching staff, whether starters or relievers, and whether the team still has any money to spend this offseason.

In part two of the conversation, Seth and Dave discuss the recent Hall of Fame vote that saw no one elected by the writers. Seth says he has no problem with an empty year, but at the same time adds that there were a few players who he felt were deserving of induction.

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Finally, we discuss whether MLB is doing the right thing by starting Spring Training next month as opposed to delaying due to COVID-19.

Seth Stohs appears weekly on "Hang Up and Listen," typically on Tuesday afternoons. "Hang Up and Listen" airs Monday through Friday from 1-2 p.m.

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