Lilo seems fairly tame and is used to interactions with people.  Parakeets are generally social birds and often do well with a parakeet friend.  If you’ve never owned a bird before, like any pet, do some research so you know what to expect . If you’re an experienced bird keeper and have room for one more in your flock, come check out Lilo.


Bear is a 2-year-old male kitty who LOVES attention. He’s a big fan of laser pointers and string toys. Bear’s used to having a scratching post and enjoys using it. He’s done well with cats and children in the past but can be a bit timid around dogs.  Bear’s adoption fee would be waived for a senior citizen or veteran.

All adoption visits are by appointment only during this time. To set up your appointment call 320-252-0896 and staff invite you to pre-shop on the website

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Check out these pictures from the National Guard flyover


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