ST. CLOUD - We continue on with our countdown of the top ten stories of 2012. Today, coming it at #9 is something that caused a buzz and created crowds on the campus of St. Cloud State University - former President Bill Clinton's highly publicized visit in advance of election day.

His voice was hoarse from a tiresome campaign schedule, but Bill Clinton energized scores of DFL supporters a couple of days before the election at SCSU.

The lines to hear the former president speak on behalf of candidates Barack Obama and Minnesota's 6th District challenger Jim Graves began early in the day on November 4th.

Before long, thousands were posted up outside of the Atwood Memorial Center and beyond, filling the ballroom once doors opened, resulting in hundreds of people relegated to watching Clinton's 45 minute speech on screens outside.

Clinton's speech was prefaced with words by U.S. Senator Al Franken, and Michele Bachmann's DFL challenger Jim Graves, who Clinton thanked for running for the office, and for being "a successful businessman, a man who understands economics, and a good father."

"He understands 'we're all in this together' works much better than 'you're on your own," Clinton said.

Clinton's talk covered topics like the automaker bailout, national debt and the Affordable Health Care Act. He also explained his opinions on Republican challenger Mitt Romney, drawing laughter from the audience on more than one occasion.

Clinton closed the evening by asking voters simply to "put themselves on the line for their own futures," and go to the polls in support of President Obama.