2012 Top Stories

Top 10 – #2 Verso Paper Mill Explosion, Fire
We are down to our #2 story of the year in our countdown of the Top 10 Local News Stories of 2012. It's a story that shook the town of Sartell, and many others in Central Minnesota. We look back at the explosion and fire at the Verso Paper Mill.
Top 10 – #4 John Gagliardi Retires
We continue with our countdown of the Top 10 Local News Stories of 2012, and today (Thursday) we're at our #4 story of the year. It's a story we all new was going to happen eventually, but nobody really wanted to hear it. Most of us were not alive the last time someone other than John Gagliardi coached the St. John's University football team.
Top 10 Stories – #6 Two Local Olympians
Today (Monday) we continue our countdown of the Top 10 local stories of the year with our number six story. It's a story that actually played-out across the pond over in London. During the Games of the XXX Olympiad July 27th through August 12th, we were fortunate enough to have not just one, but two, women from Stearns County competing for Team USA.