ST. CLOUD -- Coming in at #4 in our Top 10 Countdown of 2013, the Verso Paper Mill is sold to AIM Development and demolition underway.


After a fire in 2012 closed the former Verso Paper Mill for good, questions surfaced as to what was to be done with the property.

In March the property was sold to AIM Development who began demolition on the former mill site in September. The company also began looking at plans to separate the hydroelectric plant from the mill.

Last month AIM Development owner Jeff McGlin asked the Sartell City Council to approve his request to separate the facilities which was later granted.

The split now allows the company to sell both properties separately. McGlin hopes to sell the hydroelectric facilities by the end of the first quarter in 2014.

Demolition of the facility is expect to take about 15 months.

We will enter the top three stories of 2013 tomorrow (Saturday). Tune in to WJON to see what story comes in at #3.

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