ST. CLOUD -- The classic tale "To Kill A Mockingbird" comes to life on stage this weekend at the Paramount Theatre.

The Great Theatre has teamed up with the Great River Regional Library in honor of the community book read campaign.

The library is encouraging you to read the book  version of the show by Harper Lee before you attend the play. Director Jeffery Bleam says the book read is a good opportunity to experience many different formats of the story.

"A number of African American men were unjustly accused...for attacking white women," says Bleam.

Jerry Akubue plays Tom Robinson, a character who is wrongly accused of attacking a woman in the deep south during the Great Depression. He says when he first read the book his character seemed guilty.

"The reader sort of creates that judgement towards what he is and what he does. For awhile he actually sees very guilty. When the audience finally gets to meet him they get to see what actually is and all of the illusions are gone," says Akubue.

The show runs tomorrow (Friday) through Sunday, February 9th. You can get tickets and more information at the Paramount Theatre Box Office.

Ashli Gerdes, WJON News