Colleges and Universities have stepped up their aggressiveness in pursuing students over the past few years.  St. Cloud State University President Dr. Robbyn Wacker joined me on WJON today.  She says many schools are dealing with reduced enrollment but this hasn't caused them to lower their standards.  Wacker says High School grade point average (GPA) is a stronger indicator of potential college success than the ACT or SAT tests.  She says if a student has a High School GPA close to their standard she encourages them to apply.  Wacker says they have programs and help that student gain entrance to the University.  She says they would provide the wrap-a-round services needed to make these students successful.

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Dr. Wacker says 4-year degrees from institutions like St. Cloud State proved to be valuable during the pandemic.  She says many people with 4-year degrees did a better job a maintaining their job with many having the option of working remotely.  Wacker says 4-year degrees lead to higher incomes and more stability in the workplace.  She says employers want to know that you have the skillset to take on the job responsibilities.  Wacker says a 4-year degree is illustration of that.

If you'd to listen to my conversation with Robbyn Wacker it is available below.



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